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  • Video: Our five-year market outlook video download

    White papers 10 July 2019

    Our Chief Strategist Luca Paolini reviews prospects for global financial markets.

  • A Secular Outlook: our long term investment views download

    White papers 24 June 2019

    In the latest edition of Secular Outlook, we present our economic forecasts and return projections for all asset classes for the next five years.

  • Video: five-year emerging markets outlook weblink

    White papers 17 June 2019

    Our Chief Strategist looks at what to expect from emerging markets over the next five years.

  • Video: five-year US equities outlook weblink

    White papers 17 June 2019

    Our Chief Strategist looks at what to expect for the US equity market over the next half decade.

  • Secular Outlook download

    White papers 17 June 2019

    After the longest equity bull market ever over the past ten years, change is in the air for investors.

  • Bund yield don't herald another Japan weblink

    White papers 17 June 2019

    Bund yields have hit new lows. But this doesn’t mean Germany is turning Japanese.

  • Barometer: More pain to come weblink

    White papers 17 June 2019

    Fresh trade tensions raise concerns about prospects for both the global economy and equity markets.

  • Rewarding stress: investing in distressed securities weblink

    White papers 17 June 2019

    Britain’s high street might be an unfolding catastrophe – celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s eponymous chain is just the latest in a litany of failing mid-market eateries and retailers – but it also represents an opportunity.

  • Tech: here for the long term weblink

    White papers 17 June 2019

    Technology isn’t all volatile start-ups or new gadgets. It’s a sector whose prospects make it an attractive investment for the long run.

  • The problem with passive bond funds download

    White papers 29 May 2019

    Passive bond funds are becoming popular with investors, particularly the exchange-traded kind. The trouble is, fixed income doesn’t lend itself easily to index tracking.

  • Invest in tomorrow's cities download

    White papers 29 May 2019

    Our latest thematic fund aims to capture the strong growth potential of companies finding smarter solutions to the urbanisation challenge.

  • Timber: sustainable mateial, sustainable investment weblink

    White papers 28 May 2019

    Already versatile and renewable, timber is fast-becoming the ultimate sustainable material thanks to new technology. Investors should take note.

  • Barometer: Beware of exuberance download

    White papers 23 May 2019

    Exuberant global equity markets suggest optimism on economic growth and corporate earnings. Such expectations are likely to be disappointed.

  • War and no peace weblink

    White papers 22 May 2019

    The effects of a full-scale trade war will extend far beyond the US and China, threatening stagflation worldwide.

  • How do your investments impact biodiversity? weblink

    White papers 22 May 2019

    Investors beware: biodiversity loss is as serious a threat as climate change. Our model reveals the rate at which different industries are driving species to extinction.

  • South American rumbles download

    White papers 22 May 2019

    There are interesting developments for investors afoot in Argentina and Brazil. Here’s what we found during our latest visits.

  • Turkey teetering on the brink? download

    White papers 24 April 2019

    Turkey is on the verge of a balance of payments crisis unless it delivers policy reforms.

  • When trackers won't do: investing in China A-shares download

    White papers 17 April 2019

    Chinese A-shares offer exciting investment opportunities - but it’s also a market strewn with potholes. That’s why an active approach makes most sense.

  • Renovating Europe download

    White papers 16 April 2019

    European real estate offers better value than the US or Asia. Europe was late to the real estate party. But being late isn’t always a bad thing. It means that Europe’s real estate cycle is less advanced, with more growth still ahead compared to the US, and with valuations that are more attractive than those in mainstream Asian markets.

  • Barometer: A correction looms for equities download

    White papers 9 April 2019

    With developed economies under pressure and corporate profit growth slowing, prospects for most stock markets look uninspiring.

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