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2018 Q4 - Assets under management

2018 Q4 - Breakdown by client type

2018 Q3 - Assets under management

2018 Q3 - Breakdown by client type

Q2 2018 - Assets under management

Q2 2018 - Breakdown by client type

Q1 2018 - Assets under management

Q1 2018 - Breakdown by client type

Q4 2017 - Assets under management

Q4 2017 - Breakdown by client type

Data from the IPE Top 400 Asset Managers as at 31 December 2017

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Key Data - Total group AUM worldwide

Key Data - AUM for external institutional clients worldwide

Key Data - Type of external institutional clients worldwide

Head Office
730 Third Ave.
New York, NY
United States
Rune Sanbeck Tel. +44 20 3727 8000
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Year Founded:
Nuveen: 1898; TIAA: 1918

What’s new

  • Nuveen knows: Upcoming urbanites

    Nuveen knows: Upcoming urbanites

    White papersThu, 14 Mar 2019

    A new generation is flocking to cities, driving major economic and social shifts

  • impact investing solutions for people and planet through alternatives

    Impact investing: solutions for people and planet through alternatives

    White papersMon, 28 Jan 2019

    Impact investing is growing rapidly, with rising demand for strategies that go beyond traditional risk reduction approaches to produce direct benefits for people and the planet.

  • 2019 expect a tougher climb

    2019 Outlook: Expect a tougher climb

    White papersMon, 28 Jan 2019

    Slower growth. Rising rates. More volatility. 2019 looks to be a year that could be challenging for investors. Yet we believe the markets offer a range of opportunities, and we are finding a number of investment ideas for our clients.

  • ten predictions for 2019

    Ten predictions for 2019: Choppy and frustrating, but no recession

    White papersMon, 28 Jan 2019

    Making predictions is a dicey proposition. In the many years I’ve been making my annual market predictions (more than I’d care to admit), I usually have a clear sense about where things are headed. But 2019 seems to be a tougher year to forecast. In fact, I think it would be pretty easy to make either a bullish or bearish case for the stock market over the coming 12 months.

  • 2018 midyear outlook still risk on

    2018 Midyear Outlook: (Still) Risk On

    White papersTue, 24 Jul 2018

    Investors are facing some pretty big questions: How long will the economy continue to expand? How will rising interest rates affect my portfolio? Will volatility continue to climb? Do geopolitics (or even just political posturing) really matter?

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