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  • Acquisition & Disposition Coordination

    Hines has purchased more than $59.8 billion of prime real estate since 1992. The knowledge we’ve gained through these transactions has enabled us to properly evaluate and structure our clients’ real estate transactions to meet their specific business goals. ...

  • Energy Management

    Hines’ engineering philosophy is to constantly strive for greater energy efficiency without sacrificing Class-A service. ...

  • Investment Management

    Since 1991 Hines has sponsored 57 strategic investment funds and numerous one-off investment vehicles, totalling more than $51.2 billion of equity, for global acquisition and development on five continents. ...

  • Marketing & Leasing

    Hines has a proven track record in the successful negotiation of thousands of new and renewal leases.

  • Tenant Relations

    Hines engaged Kingsley Associates, the real estate industry’s leading independent provider of research and consulting services, to conduct our latest portfolio-wide tenant survey. ...

  • Third-Party Property and Facility Management

    Hines has the skill and knowledge to evaluate a property and create the management strategy to maximize value.

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2800 Post Oak Boulevard
TX 77056-6188
United States
Mark Sears Tel. +1 (713) 966-7621
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