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  • Opportunities in Emerging Markets Debt download

    White papers 11 July 2019

    We believe that emerging markets (EM) offer an enormous range of investment opportunities. This burgeoning marketplace includes more than 75 countries, with sovereign ratings from AAA to default. This country mix includes extremely wealthy countries, to some of the world’s poorest.

  • Core Matter: A Deeper Look into Financial Vulnerabilities download

    White papers 24 June 2019

    Almost ten years of record low interest rates have raised leverage in the non-financial sector as well as investors’ tolerance for riskier and less liquid instruments. As a result, the average quality of corporate debt has worsened. Credit risk has shifted away from banks to asset managers. Mutual funds’ exposure to lower quality debt has climbed, raising the risk of fire sales in case of rating downgrades; additionally, their asset-liabilities liquidity mismatch has ...

  • Generali Investments SICAV (GIS) SRI Ageing Population download

    White papers 17 June 2019

    What have been the most important lessons learned in terms of the performance since GIS SRI Ageing Population (the Fund) was launched in 2015?

  • 2019-05 Market View (Now the hard part) video

    White papers 14 May 2019

    Market Views for the Research Team...

  • Adopting An LDI Approach Throughout The Investment Value Chain download

    White papers 7 May 2019

    The insurance business model is fundamentally based on underwriting and managing risks: insurance companies are contractually bound to meet specific obligations and as such structurally driven by liabilities.

  • Generali’s Multi-Boutique Platform - Where specialization meets experience download

    White papers 7 May 2019

    One of the mainstays of the strategy announced by Generali Group is asset management enhancement, with the goal to integrate and strengthen its existing skills with new investment philosophies and cutting-edge strategies, thus making Generali Group a leader in both insurance and asset management.

  • Market Perspectives Spring fever download

    White papers 20 March 2019

    It’s winter still, but the weather has been exceptionally warm; markets too have got spring fever. After a dismal last quarter 2018, global equities have recouped most of their losses. And thanks to a dovish U-turn by the Fed and falling core yields, fixed income assets have done rather well, too, despite the sharp rebound in risk sentiment.

  • Market Perspectives - Patience is a virtue download

    White papers 20 February 2019

    Sunny spots are rare this winter. Economic data in in Europe and China have continued to underwhelm. Key euro area indicators including PMIs, Ifo and Sentix are at multi-year lows, following a sharp contraction in industrial production in Q4. China reported a slump in trade and the slowest annual growth in three decades.

  • Market Perspectives: When it rains, it pours download

    White papers 3 January 2019

    When it rains, it pours. Already the Flash crash in February was severe; then October saw the most severe monthly equity sell-off (MSCI World) since 2012. A further drawdown by mid November aggravated the year-to-date losses. Tech stocks entered bear market territory.

  • Core Matters - Leveraging on “Made in China 2025” download

    White papers 3 January 2019

    Since its access to the WTO in late 2001, China has seen a stellar rise of its economy, managing to raise its nominal GDP eight-fold and to become the largest export economy in the world. Its exports shares in several products, especially in computers or mobile phones are beyond 80% of world exports and in a multitude of other items, the country also plays a dominant role.

  • Core Matters: The economic and financial impact of demographics download

    White papers 11 December 2018

    Population ageing is one of the most disruptive trends of the twenty-first century: it is affecting nearly all sectors of the society, from labour market and productivity to savings and consumption behavior. It is reshaping the demand for goods and services and of course it impacts insurance and financial markets.

  • SICAV (GIS) SRI Ageing Population Celebrating 3 years of success! download

    White papers 16 October 2018

    What have been the most important lessons learned in terms of the performance to be obtained from this investment theme, SRI approach (Socially Responsible Investment), and stock-picking strategy, since GIS SRI Ageing Population (the Fund) was launched three years ago?

  • Core Matters: How do assets perform in a maturing business cycle? download

    White papers 13 September 2018

    The record long expansion in US real GDP (37 quarters so far) and the gradual pickup in inflation have started raising concerns about the beginning of the end of the current cyclical upswing.

  • Adopting an LDI approach throughout the investment chain: Lesson learnt from European insurers download

    White papers 1 July 2018

    The insurance business model is fundamentally based on underwriting and managing risks: insurance companies are contractually bound to meet specific obligations and as such structurally driven by liabilities.

  • Right outcome & real income: a Multi-Asset approach download

    White papers 1 February 2018

    For most investors, diversifying via uncorrelated - or less correlated - sources of performances is key to medium / long term investment success, while efficient asset allocation becomes even more relevant in the current regime of low yields and lower returns.

  • Ageing Population: when a major demographic trend becomes an investment opportunity download

    White papers 1 November 2017

    At Generali Investments we believe it is important to focus on relevant structural trends and investment themes, presenting a growth potential that is largely driven by real economy factors.

  • Navigating the opportunities and challenges facing European Corporate Bonds download

    White papers 1 July 2017

    Financial markets are pricing in the predictable positive global reflation trade effects.

  • Current market challenges call for an active and flexible high yield investment strategy download

    White papers 1 March 2017

    In contrast with favourable seasonality, the start of the year was characterised by an abrupt sell-off which lasted for the first 40 days on the back of global growth scare impacting negatively commodities prices and risky assets highly correlating in the downward movement.

  • Generating income: Multi-Asset as a solution download

    White papers 4 November 2016

    Following the 2008 financial crisis, the asset management industry in Europe was characterised by a big increase in assets under management labelled as “Multi-Assets”. 2015 was again a “bumper” year in terms of net sales for these strategies with an annual increase of 22.8% in total net assets across Europe. Multi-Asset strategies have become relevant in most European countries and we believe that this trend is here to stay.

  • Generating returns and managing volatility: the absolute return approach to convertible bonds (October 2016) download

    White papers 1 October 2016

    Current market uncertainties offer a very attractive entry point for convertible bonds which carry an appealing optionality. In more general terms the asset class offers above average equity-like returns, downside protection and limited volatility.

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