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  • Absolute Return

    GAM has one of the broadest ranges of alternative strategies in the marketplace covering fixed income, macro/managed futures, equity long/short, currencies and commodities.

  • Alternative Investment Solutions

    Developed over nearly 25 years by GAM’s Alternative Investments Solutions team, our custom solutions offer a comprehensive, completely tailored service.

  • Equities

    GAM offers a wide range of equity funds focused on developed and emerging markets as well as thematic approaches. Our funds are actively managed by both in-house and external fund managers with clearly differentiated investment approaches.

  • Fixed Income

    For over 30 years GAM has specialised in fixed income strategies. Over this time we have seen the asset class evolve significantly, and as times have changed, so has our offering. Our capabilities in this area allow our clients to access the most sophisticated strategies available.

  • Multi Asset Investing

    GAM has over 30 years’ experience managing multi asset solutions for institutions, endowments, family offices, intermediaries and high net worth individuals.

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Hardstrasse 201
8005 Zurich
Daniel Durrer Tel. +41 58 426 30 96
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What’s new

  • Emerging Market Local Currency Debt: Recovering Trade Balances

    Emerging Market Local Currency Debt: Recovering Trade Balances

    White papersTue, 9 Apr 2019

    In 2018, one issue for emerging market (EM) debt was that growth was very unipolar: we had decent growth out of the US but it was fairly lacklustre in Europe. This was partly due to a succession of special factors: new pollution regulations knocked the car industry, low water levels in the Rhine impacted manufacturing and yellow vest protests in France were widely disruptive. The Brexit fiasco has not helped, either.

  • Convertible Bonds: Natural Asymmetry

    Convertible Bonds: Natural Asymmetry

    White papersTue, 9 Apr 2019

    Although a fixed income asset, the structure of convertible bonds provides a natural asymmetry that has the potential to deliver long-term equity like performance.

  • priced for perfection

    Priced for Perfection

    White papersThu, 6 Sep 2018

    GAM Systematic’s Anthony Lawler explains how investors can seek to diversify their portfolios at a time when valuations in both equity and bond markets are beginning to look stretched.

  • em equity

    EM Equity: Is The Glass Half Full?

    White papersWed, 5 Sep 2018

    It is often said that history does not repeat, but it rhymes.

  • em equity a great diversity of factors

    EM Equity: a great diversity of factors

    White papersWed, 5 Sep 2018

    The universe of EM equity is extremely diverse. Listed within this same category are countries whose economic cycles are not at all related and whose markets are exposed to a great diversity of factors. 

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