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Sustainability Investing in the UK: An Asset Owners Perspective

Robeco has published a new Insight Report which explores the UK market’s sustainable investing landscape and the key themes driving its evolution from an asset owner’s perspective. The report examines how leading UK asset owners are integrating sustainability investment principles into their organisations and portfolios – understanding the challenges and opportunities they face.

sustainability investing in the uk an asset owners perspective

Key topics addressed include the growing relevance and application of sustainability investing, sustainability beliefs, and how they shape implementation and approach preferences.

The insights in the report are based upon independent research and analysis from 35 in-depth interviews with UK institutional investors covering GBP 568bn in assets under management. Robeco engaged NMG, an independent specialist consulting firm, to conduct the fieldwork for this study. The sample covered a diverse cross-section of organization types and roles, ensuring a range of views, approaches and challenges were captured. Respondents included senior sustainability investment professionals and senior investment professionals (e.g. CIOs), as well as trustees from some of the country’s leading defined benefit pensions, defined contribution pensions, insurance groups, local government pensions, charities and endowments.

The findings of the study are summarized as five key themes which are currently shaping the industry in the UK today, and are also expected to influence the future.

1. Environmental issues top the list of sustainability themes
2. Integration is the leading sustainability implementation approach
3. The UK has one of the strongest cultures of active ownership and engagement
4. A clear message that asset managers need to raise the bar
5. A growing focus on cost is a potential challenge to sustainability

Read more about these five themes in the full report ‘Sustainability Investing in the UK’, which draws upon independent research that examines how leading UK asset owners are integrating sustainable investment principles into their organisations and portfolios.

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