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Fixed Income Asset Allocation Insights: Continuing Concerns Are Unlikely to Dampen Strong Investor Demand

Investor demand for credit remains strong, despite concerns about political risks in the US and over North Korea. Learn how we’re positioned across the fixed income market.

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  • how to strike the right balance in high yield bonds

    How to Strike the Right Balance in High Yield Bonds

    White papersTue, 3 Apr 2018

    Another year of strong performance from high yield markets and credit spreads inside of 350 basis points have prompted some investors to take a cautious view of the asset class. However, we believe the high yield space remains attractive as part of a fixed income portfolio, particularly as investors face global central bank policy tightening. The key is to approach the asset class thoughtfully.

  • a sea of opportunities

    A SEA of Opportunities: Shared, Electric, and Autonomous Vehicles Will Change How Companies Invest

    White papersWed, 28 Mar 2018

    In the past 100 years, the automobile and oil industries have taken the lead in providing mobility to the world. They now seem to have reached their limits: Human productivity is dropping (due to significant time spent commuting), ecological degradation is rising, and traffic safety is deteriorating. While the solutions to these problems may have been easy to imagine, the necessary tools have not always been available or economical.

  • then and now

    Then and Now: Fundamentals Are Telling a Different Story a Decade After the Crisis

    White papersThu, 22 Mar 2018

    A decade since the global financial crisis, markets have been steeped in self-reflection. What’s changed? What has stayed the same? Could the crisis happen again?

  • fixed income asset allocation insights mar 2018

    Fixed Income Asset Allocation Insights Mar: 2018

    White papersWed, 21 Mar 2018

    We are increasing our leveraged finance allocation to 40% from 35% and decreasing our securitized products allocation to 10% from 15%. High yield bonds performed poorly during February amid the steepest equity market declines since January 2016 and the highest 10-year US Treasury yields since January 2014.

  • multi asset credit

    Multi-Asset Credit: A Non-Traditional Strategy for Unconventional Markets

    White papersMon, 19 Mar 2018

    With the future investing environment likely to look very different from that of the recent past, institutional investors are looking for new approaches. At PineBridge Investments, managing directors Steven Oh and John Yovanovic discuss how a multi-asset credit strategy can provide the possibility of both yield and safety in uncertain markets.

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