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Exploring the world of factors

exploring the world of factors

Nine academics on the research, theory and implementation of factor investing. Our new book includes:

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• Seven interviews with high-profile external researchers including Dimson and Schaeffer on the theory of factor investing
• Two interviews with Robeco experts on the implementation of factor investing
• A brief introduction to our factor-based strategies, in particular Enhanced Index Equities

This booklet gathers interviews with seven high-profile external researchers in the academic field of finance, who delivered the keynote speeches at our Robeco Explore series of conferences on factor investing, across Europe and Asia, throughout 2017. It also features interviews with two of our most respected experts on factor investing, as well as a brief introduction to Robeco’s factor-based strategies, in particular Enhanced Index Equities. This document presents to the reader different views on what factor investing really means for investors, as well as a comprehensive overview of the current status of empirical research in this area.

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