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Expertise combined, opportunity multiplied: why I created a real assets business

“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed”. - William Gibson

Gibson’s quote speaks to a truth lying behind all trends – people experience and even recognise change at different speeds. While we are not the first asset manager to create a real assets business, we will go further in terms of integrating the component parts into a genuinely unified platform that can deliver better outcomes for our clients. We are placing a stake in the ground; highlighting our intention to shape the future of the real asset investment landscape.

Increasingly outcome-oriented in nature, clients will differ in their current and future investment preferences for real assets – both in terms of the assets them- selves and the vehicles providing access (single strategy or blended multi-asset). However, the trend toward them is undeniable. A report last year by PwC predicted that alternative asset classes – in particular, real assets, private equity and private debt – will more than double in size, reaching US$21.1 trillion by 2025.

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  • Real Assets Study

    Real Assets Study

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    Our Real Assets Study provides insight into European institutional investors’ appetite for real estate, infrastructure, private corporate debt and structured finance. It highlights the need to address ESG issues, looks at whether supply can meet demand, as well as gauging the potential impact of global challenges such as trade wars.

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    Connections and communities

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    Quarterly update on drivers in real assets - Q3 2019

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    In our regular update on drivers in real assets, we assess the impacts of a possible downturn in the euro zone. We touch on cash generation, the valuation outlook and the significance of security and ranking in the capital structure.

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    London: The ultimate city of the future

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    With society facing many urgent and complex challenges, deciding who is best-placed to deliver solutions has become an emotive and often political subject. We assess whether there is a better way to utilise the skills and resources of the public, private and third sectors for the greater good.

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