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Climate Analysis Goes Multi-Asset

How are new metrics and approaches extending climate risk analysis across multi-asset strategies?

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    Avoid Unintended Stock Market Bets by Understanding Benchmarks

    White papersTue, 7 Nov 2017

    In a recent Financial Planning article, Craig Israelsen advocated using stock market size segments to construct portfolios rather than a total market approach.

  • low volatility vix and behavioral finance

    Low Volatility, VIX and Behavioral Finance

    White papersTue, 7 Nov 2017

    As this week’s award of the Nobel Prize in Economics to Richard Thaler confirmed, the existence of behavioral biases in finance is no longer a controversial theory.

  • dont shoot the messenger

    Don’t Shoot the Messenger

    White papersTue, 7 Nov 2017

    What all these headlines have in common is that they are inherently misleading.  For instance, the first statement reflects a common misconception that the Bank of Japan (BoJ) owns more than two-thirds of the Japanese stock market.

  • stock picking ai

    Stock Picking AI? Elementary, My Dear Watson

    White papersTue, 7 Nov 2017

    Keen watchers of the ever-developing exchange-traded product space may have noticed an intriguing development last week, as the first purely “artificial intelligence”-based stock-picking ETF launched.

  • measuring long termism

    Measuring Long-Termism: Index Impossible

    White papersTue, 7 Nov 2017

    Short-termism (or quarterly capitalism) is defined as companies’ fixation on managing for the short term, with decisions driven by the need to meet quarterly earnings at the cost of long-term investment.

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