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  • November's Rich Pickings podcast: Outlook 2020 special weblink

    White papers 14 November 2019

    This month, Rich Pickings gathers Fidelity’s Chief Investment Officers to ask them what investors should be watching for in 2020: the risks, the rewards, and the hurdles they see on the horizon as we approach the new year.

  • Silver linings for European high yield despite coupon erosion weblink

    White papers 14 November 2019

    Coupons for European high yield bonds may have declined, but there are a few silver linings for the asset class. Investors are still getting compensated relative to other asset classes, and rock-bottom interest rates have allowed for easier refinancing and improved issuer liquidity.

  • China's Singles Day ecommerce extravaganza is pushing offline weblink

    White papers 13 November 2019

    China’s Singles Day has grown exponentially in its first decade to smash retail sales records globally. The ecommerce holiday’s changing focus offers a glimpse into the country’s overall retail trends, where online/offline integration and deeper penetration of lower-tier cities are key for investors tracking both the sector and the broader consumption patterns in China.

  • China stimulus takes aim weblink

    White papers 8 November 2019

    Markets may be underestimating how much capacity China’s policymakers still have to carry out stimulus - but overestimating their willingness to deploy it. Instead, we think more targeted measures with more localised impact, like this week’s cut to a key policy rate, are the way forward.

  • The fourth automation wave will be ‘Made in China’ weblink

    White papers 7 November 2019

    China is set to lead the world in automation developments, because it has lots of data and the means to leverage it. From cloud-connected cows to passenger-carrying drones, the burgeoning 5G network is enabling a wave of automation as the working age population declines.

  • Labour shortages and ageing populations create opportunities for Japan's tech firms weblink

    White papers 5 November 2019

    Japanese stocks have faced headwinds this year, but there are pockets of resilience. The technology sector offers a rich source of ideas for investors seeking companies that can grow across cycles by capitalising on labour shortages and other structural changes both in Japan and overseas.

  • UK high yield turns a corner as no-deal Brexit worries fade weblink

    White papers 4 November 2019

    A UK general election, which may resolve the Brexit impasse, is just over five weeks away, while the no-deal threat has receded. In this more positive environment, UK high yield bonds - which have been shunned by investors in recent years - look increasingly attractive.

  • October's Rich Pickings podcast: Central banks 'running out of road' weblink

    White papers 31 October 2019

    “Regions of the world which have been beaten down could see some positive momentum,” says Lead Cross-Asset Strategist Wen-Wen Lindroth about the latest House View in October’s Rich Pickings, the podcast that puts you in the room of the monthly asset allocation debrief.

  • Cool Heads: Romain Boscher and Marty Dropkin on earnings and consumer strength weblink

    White papers 31 October 2019

    In this episode of Cool Heads, we discuss the rebound in earnings and the divergence between manufacturing and consumer strength. Romain Boscher sets out why he thinks consumers can continue to support the global economy while Marty Dropkin gives us an update on third quarter earnings so far.

  • Bank of Japan holds its firepower but stresses it is poised to fight if needed weblink

    White papers 31 October 2019

    The Bank of Japan, wary that external risks could snuff out Japan’s nascent recovery, held monetary policy steady and unveiled new forward guidance to signal it is poised to cut rates. It also trimmed its inflation forecasts. The question is how long the BOJ can maintain market confidence if it keeps such a posture without any action. While the BOJ might need to take additional measures, this likely would not happen until 2020.

  • Fed cuts again but stays mute on future path weblink

    White papers 30 October 2019

    The US Federal Reserve (Fed) today cut rates by 25 basis points, the third cut this year. The statement on future action was largely removed, in particular the commitment that the Fed, ‘will act as appropriate to sustain the expansion’, suggesting that the committee members think that they’re done with cuts for now.

  • Low bond yields are here to stay, even if fiscal stimulus returns weblink

    White papers 30 October 2019

    Sometimes markets respond counterintuitively, and we could be approaching one of those moments. According to conventional economic thinking, the prospect of fiscal stimulus should prompt sovereign bond prices to fall (and yields to rise) in anticipation of government balance sheets becoming stretched. But there are powerful structural and cyclical reasons why this may not be the case this time.

  • Cool Heads: Another cut expected from the Federal Reserve weblink

    White papers 30 October 2019

    In this episode of Cool Heads, we discuss today’s Fed meeting and falling global interest rates. Rates trader Sam Knight draws out the link between 10-year Treasury yields and US manufacturing data. Fixed income portfolio manager Sajiv Vaid provides his outlook for UK rates, while Multi Asset portfolio manager Charlotte Harington examines the implications of further Fed rate cuts.

  • Impact scenarios for Asia’s own trade standoff: Japan and South Korea weblink

    White papers 24 October 2019

    As negotiators continue seeking an endgame to the US-China trade war, an ongoing dispute between Japan and South Korea could have wider ripples across the global supply chain. The rift in trade relations has so far mostly hit Japanese consumer goods like beer and clothing but it could weigh on the broader outlook for the South Korean economy and may also have a long-term impact on the semiconductor and automotive sectors.

  • The Investor's Guide to China podcast: Corporate governance weblink

    White papers 24 October 2019

    As more mainland firms are added to global equity and fixed income indices, management accountability, disclosure quality, regulatory alignment, and state involvement are all coming into greater focus. The corporate landscape in China is maturing, and levels of transparency and accountability are improving. But investors are still working out how far corporate governance has come in the country, and to what extent the trust gap is being bridged.

  • European Central Bank: Goodbye Mario, good luck Christine weblink

    White papers 24 October 2019

    Mario Draghi’s last European Central Bank (ECB) meeting as President of the Governing Council brought no surprises for investors. Rates were left unchanged, while markets continued to focus on the new round of asset purchases that begin next month. But Draghi’s tenure at the ECB has been anything but predictable, and his policy decisions will continue to influence markets and the European project even as Christine Lagarde takes the helm.

  • Cool Heads: Ian Samson and Andrea Iannelli on growth and inflation weblink

    White papers 24 October 2019

    In episode five of Cool Heads, we discuss growth and inflation. Fixed Income’s Ben Deane sets out what’s been driving inflation globally, while macro expert Ian Samson explains his outlook for the coming months. Investment Director Andrea Iannelli examines what this all means for markets.

  • Cool Heads: where next for sterling? weblink

    White papers 23 October 2019

    In this episode of Cool Heads, we look at how the pound has continued to whipsaw as Brexit deadlines come and go, tracking every political twist and turn. But that is just the short-term story. The long-term driver for sterling should be the prospects for the UK economy.

  • Global GEAR suggests economy remains on weak footing weblink

    White papers 22 October 2019

    Our proprietary Gauges of Economic Activity in Real-Time (GEAR) is flat for the fourth consecutive month but there is plenty of divergence at the individual country level. Emerging markets have picked activity from weak levels while developed markets are softening to different extents across the board.

  • Cool Heads: Bill McQuaker and Charlotte Harington on geopolitical risk weblink

    White papers 22 October 2019

    In the third episode of Cool Heads, Bill McQuaker and Charlotte Harington discuss how to cope with heightened uncertainty, which assets could benefit from positive news concerning the trade war and Brexit, and where to turn to reduce risk.

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