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  • Q3 2019 - Emerging Markets Debt Monitor download

    White papers 5 November 2019

    Emerging markets debt (EMD) performance was negative in Q3. The local sovereign index was down slightly due to the strong USD and negative sentiment around the Argentinean election. External debt indices performed better, though this was driven entirely by the decline in UST yields. EM Equities had a weak quarter due to concerns around growth and trade.

  • After the bond rally, beware of bond math’s return download

    White papers 23 October 2019

    Bond market investors have experienced impressive returns this year. Even mortgage-backed securities, which were at the bottom of the pack for fixed-income sectors in year-to-date performance through September 30, returned 5.60%, which easily eclipsed the 1.28% gained by the fixed-income leader for all of 2018, municipal bonds...

  • Eaton Vance Multi-Asset Credit (MAC) strategy three-year highlights download

    White papers 28 August 2019

    Recap of the basics Objective: We are trying to earn credit risk premium from liquid markets around the world and to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns over a full cycle. Blended index benchmark: 50% S&P LSTA Loans and 50% ICE BAML Developed Markets High Yield-ex Sub Fins (HYDF) – hedged to USD. Secondary benchmark: LIBOR Return target: Index benchmark 1-2%, or LIBOR 4% through a full market cycle Asset class: Given ...

  • High loan yields signal a buying opportunity download

    White papers 14 August 2019

    Loans are currently the highest-yielding major credit asset class – the first time in many years it has eclipsed both emerging-markets debt and high-yield bonds. A close look at loan performance in the last three Fed-cut environments shows that they performed comfortably in line with their long-term historical average. The loan market appears strong, based on credit and technical factors, though close attention to issuer strength is warranted in the late stages ...

  • Changing tack: Credit’s strategic value in the new interest-rate cycle download

    White papers 30 August 2018

    In this paper, the Multi-Asset Credit team discuss the upward turn in the rate cycle and share research findings to illustrate why a strategic allocation to credit merits consideration today.

  • Continuity and change in credit markets download

    White papers 29 May 2018

    In this paper, the Eaton Vance Multi Asset Credit team explains why, in spite of today’s favourable market conditions, they believe the current environment warrants a cautious stance.

  • Monthly Market Monitor: April 2018 download

    White papers 31 March 2018

    Eaton Vance Monthly Market Monitor presents a concise review of economic and asset class data through clear and impactful charts.

  • Monthly Market Monitor: December 2017 download

    White papers 7 December 2017

    Eaton Vance Monthly Market Monitor presents a concise review of economic and asset class data through clear and impactful charts.

  • Trump era signals higher rates, volatility and opportunity download

    White papers 17 January 2017

    Donald Trump’s surprising victory was a game changer for the markets. His election sparked the kind of change in investor psychology that we have not witnessed since the end of the financial crisis.

  • Eaton Vance and multi-asset credit: a distinctive proposition download

    White papers 31 October 2016

    Eaton Vance’s MAC strategy offers broad, long-biased exposure to higher yielding credit asset classes and seeks to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns by capturing credit risk premia over the long term.

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