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  • economic and property overview q4 2018

    Economic and Property Overview: Q4 2018

    White papersMon, 28 Jan 2019

    GDP growth moderated in the final quarter, after a strong summer; output grew by 0.3% for the three months to November, down 30bps on Q3. As expected, the service sector accounted for the largest share of growth adding 0.24 percentage points, the construction sector also contributed to GDP growth, while the production sector knocked 0.12 percentage points off growth owing to weak activity in the manufacturing sector, which suffered the longest period of month-on-month output falls since ...

  • economic and property overview q3 2018

    Economic and Property Overview: Q3 2018

    White papersThu, 6 Dec 2018

    The UK economy had a strong start to Q3 2018, output grew by 0.7% for the three months to August, an uplift of 30bps from Q2. All three sectors of the economy: services, construction and the production sector contributed positively to GDP growth, with the service sector (accounting for c.80% of the UK economy) providing the largest positive contribution to the headline figure.

  • lgps pooling the ten billion pound indirect question

    LGPS Pooling: The Ten Billion Pound Indirect Question

    White papersThu, 25 Oct 2018

    According to the “Findings of Project Pool”, a report which has formed the basis of discussion between the Local Government Pension Schemes (LGPS) and the Government on the best way forward with the asset pooling initiative, the greatest savings from real estate pooling will arise from the migration from indirect to direct ownership.

  • are the best years behind us?

    Are the best years behind us?

    White papersThu, 25 Oct 2018

    UK commercial property has had a good run; over the one, three and five years to December 2017 the asset class has delivered 8-11%p.a. total returns for investors, significantly outpacing UK bonds and closely matching the returns from UK equities. 

  • using the indirect market to access the more expensive areas of the direct uk property market

    Using the indirect market to access the more expensive areas of the direct UK property market

    White papersThu, 25 Oct 2018

    This case study demonstrates how DTZ Investors was able to arbitrage between the direct and indirect UK property market in order to maximise returns for our clients.

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