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  • Ri Tool: A Portfolio Manager’s Perspective download

    White papers 4 July 2019

    Our proprietary responsible investment ratings is an innovative tool that combines ESG and financial stewardship data to create a single company rating for 5,500 listed equities globally. So how do our PMs use it?

  • Responsible Investment Quarterly download

    White papers 21 March 2019

    The contents of this issue, covers Q4 2018. Foreword from Iain Richards, Head of Responsible Investment Portfolio Manager Viewpoint – Investing for a changing world: a sustainable equities outlook, by Pauline Grange, Portfolio Manager, and Rose Beale, Thematic Analyst. A new age of infrastructure, by Ingrid Edmund, Senior Portfolio Manager Airports flying high: a social perspective, by Ben Kelly, Senior Thematic Analyst SASB update: codification of ...

  • Responsible Investment: From confusion to concrete data download

    White papers 21 March 2019

    Today’s investors don’t need to be convinced of the need to integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors to manage risk and optimise performance. Indeed, many also want to assess, understand and measure the wider implications of their investment choices.

  • US mid-term elections – an investor’s view download

    White papers 15 November 2018

    A Q&A with the Head of US Equities, EMEA, which discusses the significance of the forthcoming US mid-terms, Nadia’s outlook for the US economy and market, and how our portfolios are positioned in light of this.

  • Social momentum: How the bond market has an eye on the future download

    White papers 1 November 2018

    Just over a decade ago, in 2007, the iPhone made its debut, Tesla unveiled its first electric car, and the England football team returned home to the new Wembley stadium.

  • Will a sweltering summer heat up interest in responsible investment? download

    White papers 1 November 2018

    After exceptionally high temperatures, drought, floods and wildfires, will this catalyse investment in strategies that target climate-related risks and opportunities?

  • Asset Allocation Update: Strong earnings prompt US equities upgrade download

    White papers 30 May 2018

    Amid background noise such as ongoing trade skirmishes involving the US, the evolving Chinese economy and geo-political tensions, we have spent time analysing recent market movements and the implications for risk assets.

  • How to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals through savings and investments download

    White papers 19 March 2018

    With increasing interest from clients to know how asset managers can help them contribute to the UN SDGs, we take a closer look at some of the strategies that can be deployed to achieve this.

  • Reaction: Italian election download

    White papers 7 March 2018

    The Italian election result looks messy, but we do not believe that the chances of Italy leaving the eurozone have gone up materially.

  • Responsible Investment Quarterly: Q4 2017 download

    White papers 7 March 2018

    On the heels of two good years in the bond market, the best days for fixed income are likely behind us.

  • Technology and ‘mega-trends’ to drive US equity performance download

    White papers 17 January 2018

    US equities have outperformed global equities since the beginning of the recovery because the US economy was initially the sole engine of global growth, as European countries wrestled with the Eurozone crisis.

  • The UK’s demise is overstated download

    White papers 17 January 2018

    UK equities reached all-time highs in 2017, but relative to world stocks (in US dollar terms) they were laggards.

  • Generating social alpha without sacrificing investment returns download

    White papers 9 November 2017

    In recent years, European investor engagement with Responsible Investment (RI) has gathered momentum. Some of this growth could be a result of the open and proactive attitude to RI among European policymakers and institutions. But impact investment has also soared in popularity as European investors have begun to consider the effects of their invested capital more deeply.

  • European social bond strategy download

    White papers 9 November 2017

    A European credit strategy with an innovative social focus that unlocks the full potential of corporate bonds to deliver both financial and social returns.

  • Responsible Investment Quarterly: Q2 2017 download

    White papers 8 September 2017

    The second quarter of any year is a busy period in responsible investment, but this year more than ever.

  • The beginning of India’s transformation download

    White papers 18 July 2017

    Events in 2017 confirm that that India is at a turning point, with Narenda Modi’s reformist BJP party winning a sweeping victory in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

  • Argentina: the ‘emerging’ emerging market download

    White papers 18 July 2017

    Despite not being upgraded to emerging market status this year, the outlook for Argentina remains positive.

  • Why the active vs. passive debate is largely moot for European insurers download

    White papers 18 July 2017

    Insurance companies typically have reasonably static portfolios, which change little from year to year.

  • Putting clients first as Brexit begins download

    White papers 18 July 2017

    The Brexit negotiations will determine the shape of the UK’s future relationship with the European Union, setting out the structural framework within which asset managers and other businesses will need to operate.

  • Responsible Investment Quarterly: Q1 2017 download

    White papers 11 July 2017

    Welcome to a new format for our quarterly report. 2017 is shaping up to be an interesting year. In terms of voting, we expect to see a number of areas of focus.

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