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  • Targeting positive returns in an uncertain climate download

    White papers 5 November 2019

    A decade after the global financial crisis, the uncertain economic conditions it ushered in continue to starve Europe’s investors of returns...

  • Partners Group: gaining from long-term tailwinds download

    White papers 5 November 2019

    Private markets, including equity and debt, infrastructure and real estate, stand out as a high-margin part of the asset management sector that is still expanding, with returns higher than those delivered by public markets.

  • Macro and structural woes leave banks out in the cold download

    White papers 5 November 2019

    With valuations plumbing depths seen in 2009 and 2012, and headwinds many and varied, is there hope on the horizon for one of Europe’s most beleaguered sectors?

  • Italy is the eurozone economy most likely heading for a ‘lost decade’ download

    White papers 5 November 2019

    As Japan found out the hard way, a healthy banking sector is key to restoring health to an economy. But Europe’s third biggest economy, with its vastly undercapitalised banks, looks destined to remain in the doldrums for some time...

  • The stage is set for a rebound in unloved European value stocks download

    White papers 5 November 2019

    Investors have been troubled by the region recently, with a growing feeling that it is mirroring Japan’s ‘lost decade’. But there are reasons to be positive about it, and we are bullish on defensive stocks which we believe are currently trading too cheaply...

  • Sustainable infrastructure: it’s not just about clean energy download

    White papers 11 October 2019

    Decarbonising existing infrastructure will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reinforce investment returns...

  • Leaders’ Perspectives: Quarterly – Autumn 2019 download

    White papers 10 September 2019

    In the Autumn 2019 issue of the Leader’s Perspectives:...

  • Time is running out to solve China’s debt bubble download

    White papers 7 August 2019

    Many investors are focused on the outlook for trade talks with the US, fearing an all-out trade war which would negatively impact global, and especially Chinese, equity markets. But investors underestimate the mounting problems caused by the recent rapid expansion of credit in China. Only radical solutions now remain to resolve the country’s growing credit bubble, says Paul Smillie.

  • How Global Investment Grade Can Help Pension Schemes Deliver Their Promises download

    White papers 7 August 2019

    With many defined pension schemes in negative cashflow, interest in cashflow-driven investing (CDI) is increasing. We believe the $11.3 trillion global investment grade credit universe offers the best means of maximising potential returns from a core CDI strategy. Moreover, advances in technology allow us to build portfolios more quickly, optimising returns and limiting risk.

  • Flashforward: Drawing Parallels With 1999/2000 download

    White papers 7 August 2019

    Investors in the UK and overseas are adopting extreme positioning in their hunt for defensive growth. In doing so the elastic has become very stretched and a sharp rotation could be overdue. This market dynamic is reminiscent of 1999/2000 whereby ‘old economy’ stocks are discarded in favour of ‘new economy’ ones.

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