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  • Targeting positive returns in an uncertain climate download

    White papers 5 November 2019

    A decade after the global financial crisis, the uncertain economic conditions it ushered in continue to starve Europe’s investors of returns...

  • Partners Group: gaining from long-term tailwinds download

    White papers 5 November 2019

    Private markets, including equity and debt, infrastructure and real estate, stand out as a high-margin part of the asset management sector that is still expanding, with returns higher than those delivered by public markets.

  • UK equities: Mid-year Review download

    White papers 27 August 2018

    While UK equities had a more volatile first quarter, sterling weakness helped the FTSE 100 outperform the broader market.

  • Fixed income/macro: Mid-year Review download

    White papers 27 August 2018

    At the start of the year, the world appeared to be in the middle of a highly synchronised economic recovery.

  • Turkish delight turns sour? download

    White papers 13 August 2018

    Concerns about the deteriorating Turkish situation helped core government bonds perform better, but credit market spreads were generally a little wider and emerging markets were very weak.

  • In Credit: World Cup Blues? download

    White papers 2 July 2018

    The phenomenon of rising nationalism, including trade war rhetoric, continues to weigh on risk markets and provides an anchor to core government bond yields.

  • Asset Allocation Update: Strong earnings prompt US equities upgrade download

    White papers 30 May 2018

    Amid background noise such as ongoing trade skirmishes involving the US, the evolving Chinese economy and geo-political tensions, we have spent time analysing recent market movements and the implications for risk assets.

  • The inflation pendulum download

    White papers 8 May 2018

    It’s not good to have too much or too little inflation, but trying to get a huge pendulum the size of the US economy to settle in the middle is very difficult.

  • Sparkling performance boosts luxury goods download

    White papers 19 April 2018

    The past two years has seen a pick-up in luxury goods, as the global economy continues to expand.

  • Going global with a consistent small cap strategy download

    White papers 19 April 2018

    ‘Big is best’ is not an adage that we subscribe to with the Threadneedle Global Smaller Companies strategy: we concentrate on high-quality growing companies that we believe are undervalued by the market – and we do so on a global scale.

  • Asset Allocation Update: New year, evolving views, same growth aims download

    White papers 7 March 2018

    As we move into 2018 we have spent some time evaluating the work we performed last year, as well as revisiting our current asset allocation positioning.

  • Responsible Investment Quarterly: Q4 2017 download

    White papers 7 March 2018

    On the heels of two good years in the bond market, the best days for fixed income are likely behind us.

  • Is it too quiet as we head into 2018? download

    White papers 17 January 2018

    As we look forward to 2018, there’s an illusion of calm in financial markets. But this doesn’t mean that nothing is going on. In fact, opposing forces are simply cancelling each other out.

  • Japan: three reasons for a positive outlook download

    White papers 17 January 2018

    In recent weeks we further raised our allocations to Japanese stocks, with near-term catalysts.

  • Asset Allocation Monthly: May 2017 download

    White papers 1 June 2017

    We have recently increased our equity rating to favour from neutral on the back of lower political risk and positive earnings developments.

  • The emerging markets cloud receding download

    White papers 1 June 2017

    As US rhetoric on trade protectionism softens, investors are focusing on emerging markets’ fundamental attractions once more as productivity improvements and fast-growing young populations are driving superior economic growth.

  • Booming non-farm beats budget boredom download

    White papers 23 March 2017

    This update is the weekly edition of our weekly publication on fixed-income markets.

  • The long march to higher interest rates download

    White papers 23 March 2017

    Jim Cielinski argues that while the bond bubble has burst, it remains to be seen how quickly the fallout may spread.

  • Tackling the ‘unknown unknowns’: how active managers manage unforeseen risks download

    White papers 23 March 2017

    The best active managers never resort to blaming events seemingly outside of their control for poor performance. Rather, they work harder to overcome such hurdles, listening to a wide range of views, inviting challenge and working closely with others to refine their process so as to retain that all-important edge.

  • [Full paper] Outnumbered but not outpaced – the bold change we need for female fund manager talent to break through download

    White papers 23 March 2017

    While financial services has made some progress towards parity, asset management remains an outlier with only 7% female representation.

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