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Corporate overview

COIMA is a leading platform in the investment, development and management of real estate assets on behalf of institutional investors. COIMA SGR, an investment and asset management company, manages 22 real estate investment funds totalling over €5bn in investments and counts in its portfolio over 150 properties, including 30 LEED Gold and Platinum certified buildings. COIMA Srl, Development and Property management company, in a period spanning over 40 years, has developed and managed properties totalling over 5m sqm. Among its more important projects, the platform has co-invested, co-developed and still manages today the Porta Nuova project in Milan, one of the most prestigious urban requalification plans in Europe.

Investment principles & strategy

COIMA’s investment philosophy is based on the principle of value creation based on fundamentals and long-term value for our investors, monitoring and managing risk to optimise performance on a risk-adjusted basis.

The investment process is managed by COIMA SGR’s investment team, which supports the fund manager and whose primary purpose is to scout, develop new investment opportunities and execute transactions.

The investment strategy is based on an integrated approach, with the analysis of various key elements which integrate top-down and bottom-up.


The Company outsourced the Compliance in 2010. The Compliance Officer has also the responsibility of the anti-money laundering activity and he’s also a member of the Conflict of Interest Committee.

The Italian regulatory framework does request a mandatory compliance function within the organsational structure. So COIMA SGR has designated a Compliance Officer in full outsourcing covering 100 days per year.

The Compliance Officer has specific responsibilities for overall the regulatory matters, giving several approvals for the main decisions to be taken, for example the allocation procedure, the conflict of interest, etc.

The Compliance team is composed by three resources.

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