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What’s new

  • Equity Options Skews: Why No Surprises?

    White papersThu, 9 May 2019

    Equity index options are the least surprising of options markets. According to data and the best of our knowledge, out-the-money (OTM) call options have never cost more than OTM puts on equity index options – reflecting the greater concern of a market slump than a rally.

  • Think Tank Points to U.S. Growth Slowing

    White papersWed, 8 May 2019

    Anxious about the U.S. economy? The Conference Board think tank is pointing to growth slowing to 1.5-2.0% but there are no imminent signs of a recession.

  • Gold/Silver Options Skews: Upside Risk Ahead?

    White papersTue, 7 May 2019

    U.S. monetary policy exerts a strong influence on the skewness of currency, gold and silver options. In a normal monetary environment where short-term interest rates are well above zero, investors tend to be more concerned about gold and silver prices rising abruptly than falling.

  • Will ECB Change Course to End Negative Rates?

    White papersMon, 6 May 2019

    Negative rates aimed at boosting European bank lending instead had the opposite effect. Will the ECB end this policy and raise rates in 2019?

  • Energy Options Skews: Beyond Supply Shocks

    White papersTue, 30 Apr 2019

    The U.S. shale oil revolution has given out-of-the-money put options a persistently negative skew over the past decade, overshadowing likely supply woes.

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