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2018 Top 400 ranking: 64

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  • middleton henry portrait

    Henry Middleton

    Henry Middleton is Barings’ Head of U.S., EMEA & Global Wealth Distribution.Tel: +1 980 417 5456...

  • lindstrom maja portrait

    Maja Lindstrom

    Maja Lindstrom is a member of Barings’ Global Business Development Group, focusing on distribution across the EMEA markets.Tel: +44 20 7762 8767...

  • godfrey neil portrait

    Neil Godfrey

    Neil Godfrey is Barings’ Head of UK Distribution and Global Head of Consultant Relations.  Tel: +44 20 3206 4576...

  • jagger simon portrait

    Simon Jagger

    Simon Jagger is Barings’ Head of UK Wealth. Tel: +44 20 7762 8753...

  • samonigg volker portrait

    Volker Samonigg

    Volker Samonigg is Barings’ Head of Germany and Austria DistributionTel: +44 20 7762 8800...

Head Office
20 Old Bailey
United Kingdom
Company website:
Parent Company:
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
Year Founded:
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  • is short term noise masking a long term opportunity in em equities

    Is short-term noise masking a long-term opportunity in EM Equities?

    White papersSun, 1 Sep 2019

    Emerging markets (EMs) are in the headlines on a regular basis—both with positive and negative news flow—but rarely do we hear the whole story.

  • Distressed Debt: Seeking Opportunity in Choppy Waters

    Distressed Debt: Seeking Opportunity in Choppy Waters

    White papersWed, 28 Aug 2019

    Investors are increasingly looking to distressed debt as the credit cycle matures. But with a competitive landscape and significant growth in private credit and European high yield, this cycle could look different than those of the past. Stuart Mathieson, Head of Barings’ Global Special Situations group, and Bryan High, Co-Portfolio Manager of the strategy, discuss how the macro environment is impacting their outlook, and where they’re seeing opportunities today. 

  • How to navigate the buoys and the rocks of today’s markets

    Don't Panic - Just Yet - How to navigate the buoys and the rocks of today’s markets.

    White papersMon, 19 Aug 2019

    There’s a moment that sends a chill down the spine of any sailor when a rock suddenly appears, off wrong side of the bow. It doesn’t really matter whether the chart was wrong or the skipper missed a buoy—it’s undeniably a sign of trouble.  That same cold jolt struck investors this month with the arrival of inverted yield curves, wilting inflation expectations and an array of other economic oddities that weren’t on their charts. But it would be wrong to panic now.

  • distressed debt  how this cycle may be different

    Distressed Debt: How This Cycle May Be Different

    White papersThu, 15 Aug 2019

    Barings’ Stuart Mathieson and Bryan High discuss the outlook and competitive landscape for distressed debt and consider the implications of the significant growth in private credit and European high yield since the last cycle.

  • U.S. Loans: Challenged Market or Veiled Opportunity?

    U.S. Loans: Challenged Market or Veiled Opportunity?

    White papersTue, 13 Aug 2019

    With loan and bond yields currently comparable, we believe—in a somewhat contrarian view to the market—there is a good argument for investing in loans, particularly in the U.S., where the economy appears to be marginally stronger than in Europe.

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