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  • Intangible Assets: The Royal Opportunity Set download

    White papers 9 April 2019

    In this Q&A, Jon Rotolo, Barings’ Head of Private Equity / Real Assets, and David Jin, a Director within the Private Equity / Real Assets group, discuss why they believe pharmaceutical royalties present a particularly compelling investment opportunity.

  • An Active Approach to International Smaller Companies download

    White papers 9 April 2019

    Barings’ Head of Small Cap Equities Nick Williams discusses the characteristics of the International Smaller Companies asset class, and explains why an active approach to investing in the sector best positions investors to generate attractive returns.

  • The Potential Benefits of Global Senior Secured Loans download

    White papers 19 March 2019

    In the current environment, senior secured loans are gaining traction for their potential to offer a blend of attractive yield and protection against both credit and interest rate risk.

  • How to Approach a More Accessible Chinese Equity Market download

    White papers 19 March 2019

    As China continues to open up its capital markets to international investors and its representation in the global equity opportunity set expands, there is no doubt that investors are on the cusp of an exciting chapter for Chinese equities. Historically a closed asset class, China A-shares have become more accessible to global investors as the Chinese government introduced a number of measures to encourage foreign participation.

  • Monetary Policy’s Effect on EM Debt weblink

    White papers 5 March 2019

    Rate expectations have changed materially across emerging and developed markets in the first quarter of 2019. What does this mean for emerging markets debt? Barings’ Ricardo Adrogué weighs in.

  • EM Debt: Navigating a Shifting Macro Backdrop download

    White papers 26 February 2019

    After a rocky 2018, the picture may be brightening for emerging markets debt. From rising rates to trade wars, some of last year’s headwinds look to be receding, at least for now. Barings’ Ricardo Adroguè and Omotunde Lawal highlight opportunities they’re currently seeing.

  • EM Debt—A Brightening Picture? weblink

    White papers 19 February 2019

    Barings’ Ricardo Adroguè and Omotunde Lawal highlight opportunities they’re seeing from Mexico and Brazil to more challenged geographies like Turkey and Argentina—and provide insight into how they’re thinking about political hotspots like Venezuela.

  • An Underappreciated Subset of High Yield download

    White papers 18 February 2019

    For investors willing to surrender a nominal amount of yield in favor of greater protection given a default, global senior secured bonds can be an attractive option in a recessionary environment.

  • High Yield Five Takeaways For The Months Ahead download

    White papers 12 February 2019

    A market dominated by volatility and dramatic headlines—if this environment feels familiar, perhaps it’s because it is.

  • An Underappreciated Subset Of High Yield download

    White papers 12 February 2019

    As we enter what may be the twilight hours of an elongated credit cycle, an increase in defaults is not only possible, but probable. Against this backdrop, a credit-intensive, global approach to high yield investing is key.

  • Investment Grade Credit—Rates, BBBs and ABS weblink

    White papers 22 January 2019

    From inverted yield curves to potential BBB downgrade risk, Barings’ David Nagle discusses some of the key challenges facing investors in the IG markets today.

  • The Changing Face of Investment Grade Credit download

    White papers 16 January 2019

    In a recent interview, David Nagle, CFA, portfolio manager in the Investment Grade Fixed Income Group, discussed the investment grade credit market, including some of the issues garnering headlines recently and how the market has evolved through the years.

  • Assessing Today’s Private Credit Landscape weblink

    White papers 12 December 2018

    Private credit markets have seen an increase in investor demand over the last decade. But with competition fierce and the cycle maturing, what factors should investors consider moving forward? Barings’ Eric Lloyd identifies where he and his team see the best relative value today.

  • Seeking Value in Today’s Private Credit Market download

    White papers 21 November 2018

    In this Q&A, Barings’ Eric Lloyd discusses his team’s approach to navigating the risks and capitalizing on the opportunities across the global private credit markets.

  • Is it Time to Consider a Blended Approach to EMD? weblink

    White papers 21 November 2018

    How can investors tap into the diverse opportunities within EM debt? Ricard Adrogué, Head of Emerging Markets Debt and Omotunde Lawal Head of Emerging Markets Corporate Credit Research, weigh in.

  • Private Equity: Emerging, Women & Diverse Managers weblink

    White papers 18 March 2019

    Amid increased competition and rich valuations, PE returns have continued to trend downward. In this interview, Barings’ Mina Nazemi discusses how allocations to emerging, women and diverse managers can potentially help combat this trend.

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