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  • The Great Disappearing Trade Deal weblink

    White papers 5 August 2019

    The Great China Trade Deal evaporated before our eyes last week and investors should stop hoping it back into existence. In the increasingly tense relationship between Washington and Beijing, tariffs, retaliation and escalation are all just part of the furniture now.

  • Investing in China: Tapping into Long-Term Opportunities download

    White papers 19 June 2019

    Ghadir Cooper, Global Head of Equities, recently joined a round table with Pensions & Investments to discuss the opportunity set in China. Despite slowed growth and trade concerns, she believes there are several reasons why investors should remain optimistic.

  • How to Approach a More Accessible Chinese Equity Market download

    White papers 19 March 2019

    As China continues to open up its capital markets to international investors and its representation in the global equity opportunity set expands, there is no doubt that investors are on the cusp of an exciting chapter for Chinese equities. Historically a closed asset class, China A-shares have become more accessible to global investors as the Chinese government introduced a number of measures to encourage foreign participation.