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  • Distressed Debt: Seeking Opportunity in Choppy Waters download

    White papers 22 August 2019

    Stuart Mathieson, Head of Barings’ Global Special Situations group, and Bryan High, Co-Portfolio Manager of the strategy, discuss how the macro environment is impacting their outlook, and where they’re seeing distressed debt opportunities today.

  • Don't Panic - Just Yet - How to navigate the buoys and the rocks of today’s markets. weblink

    White papers 19 August 2019

    There’s a moment that sends a chill down the spine of any sailor when a rock suddenly appears, off wrong side of the bow. It doesn’t really matter whether the chart was wrong or the skipper missed a buoy—it’s undeniably a sign of trouble.  That same cold jolt struck investors this month with the arrival of inverted yield curves, wilting inflation expectations and an array of other economic oddities that weren’t on their charts. But it would be wrong to panic now.

  • Pick a Number, Any Number weblink

    White papers 6 August 2019

    Among Three Central Rate Forecasts, The Middle Still Feels Right. While most of the financial world stares at the U.S. Treasury curve with a mix of discomfort and confusion, those investors who are taking a view mostly line up around three forecasts for 10-year yields. These predictions may be carefully modeled and explicit, or they could be more like a feeling in their bones. But it helps to know where you line up as you put your own money on the table.

  • What We Know, What We Don’t Know, What We Think weblink

    White papers 29 July 2019

    It’s not even clear that central banks themselves understand what’s going on. Lower unemployment doesn’t seem to nudge inflation higher, as it once did. Commodity prices may, but not reliably.

  • How Europe Took a Knife to a Gunfight weblink

    White papers 1 July 2019

    The continent has made remarkable progress… but its economic interests remain vulnerable in a world that once again favors a sharp elbow over a memorandum of understanding.