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  • Distressed Debt: Seeking Opportunity in Choppy Waters download

    White papers 28 August 2019

    Investors are increasingly looking to distressed debt as the credit cycle matures. But with a competitive landscape and significant growth in private credit and European high yield, this cycle could look different than those of the past. Stuart Mathieson, Head of Barings’ Global Special Situations group, and Bryan High, Co-Portfolio Manager of the strategy, discuss how the macro environment is impacting their outlook, and where they’re seeing opportunities today.

  • Don't Panic - Just Yet - How to navigate the buoys and the rocks of today’s markets. weblink

    White papers 19 August 2019

    There’s a moment that sends a chill down the spine of any sailor when a rock suddenly appears, off wrong side of the bow. It doesn’t really matter whether the chart was wrong or the skipper missed a buoy—it’s undeniably a sign of trouble.  That same cold jolt struck investors this month with the arrival of inverted yield curves, wilting inflation expectations and an array of other economic oddities that weren’t on their charts. But it would be wrong to panic now.

  • Distressed Debt: How This Cycle May Be Different weblink

    White papers 15 August 2019

    Barings’ Stuart Mathieson and Bryan High discuss the outlook and competitive landscape for distressed debt and consider the implications of the significant growth in private credit and European high yield since the last cycle.

  • U.S. Loans: Challenged Market or Veiled Opportunity? weblink

    White papers 13 August 2019

    With loan and bond yields currently comparable, we believe—in a somewhat contrarian view to the market—there is a good argument for investing in loans, particularly in the U.S., where the economy appears to be marginally stronger than in Europe.

  • What We Know, What We Don’t Know, What We Think weblink

    White papers 29 July 2019

    It’s not even clear that central banks themselves understand what’s going on. Lower unemployment doesn’t seem to nudge inflation higher, as it once did. Commodity prices may, but not reliably.

  • Fixed Income: Upending the Conventional Approach download

    White papers 16 July 2019

    The search for yield trudges on amid trade and tariff clashes, and a credit cycle that continues to surprise in its longevity. In this Q&A, Michael Freno, Head of Global Markets, shares his views on where value can still be found and how investors can benefit from looking beyond traditional indexes in high yield, investment grade credit and emerging markets debt.

  • Fixed Income: Looking Beyond the Index for Late-Cycle Value weblink

    White papers 16 July 2019

    Head of Global Markets, Mike Freno, sheds light on how the Barings’ teams are finding value outside of traditional indexes across high yield, investment grade credit and emerging markets debt.

  • How Europe Took a Knife to a Gunfight weblink

    White papers 1 July 2019

    The continent has made remarkable progress… but its economic interests remain vulnerable in a world that once again favors a sharp elbow over a memorandum of understanding.

  • Assessing the Countries Making Headlines Across EM Debt weblink

    White papers 25 June 2019

    As emerging markets continue to dominate world news, Barings’ Ricardo Adrogué weighs in on the trade frictions with China, Venezuela’s evolving status as a political hotspot, and why he has high conviction in Mexico.

  • Where the Dry Powder Goes Next download

    White papers 18 June 2019

    Stuart Mathieson and Bryan High, portfolio managers for the Global Special Situations strategy, discuss the outlook for distressed debt investing—and explain how they’re finding opportunities throughout the cycle.

  • How Opportunistic Is Your Investment Grade Allocation? weblink

    White papers 13 June 2019

    Michael Freno, Head of Global Markets, discusses the benefits of ‘multi-asset’ or ‘opportunistic’ credit portfolios and the newly-launched Barings Global Investment Grade Strategies.

  • Four Reasons Security Matters Right Now weblink

    White papers 12 June 2019

    Amid the late stages of an elongated credit cycle, Martin Horne, Barings’ Head of Global High Yield, discusses four reasons why global senior secured bonds—a lesser known and perhaps underappreciated subset of high yield—could be an attractive option in the event of defaults.

  • Private Credit: How Supply/Demand Dynamics are Shaping the Landscape download

    White papers 22 May 2019

    Ian Fowler, Co-Head of the North American Private Finance Group, discusses the dynamics of each middle market segment—including upper-end style shift resulting from competitive pressures—and explains why the traditional middle is the sweet spot.

  • Is There Style Drift in Middle Market Lending? weblink

    White papers 22 May 2019

    Barings’ Ian Fowler weighs in on the supply/demand dynamics in the direct lending space and explains why looking at the middle market as one cohesive universe can be misleading.

  • High Yield: Identifying Value Amid Shifting Sentiment download

    White papers 9 May 2019

    In this Q&A, David Mihalick, Barings’ Head of U.S. High Yield Investments, discusses the volatile swings in investor sentiment that high yield markets experienced over the last two quarters, and where the Barings team is seeing value today.

  • High Yield: A Swift Rebound weblink

    White papers 29 April 2019

    High yield bonds and loans posted a strong Q1 following the technically induced Q4 sell-off. With defaults still near historical lows, current spreads provide attractive risk-adjusted return potential.

  • EM Debt: Investing with Cautious Optimism weblink

    White papers 23 April 2019

    Sovereign debt outperformed in Q1 as geopolitical headlines continued to garner attention and commodities rallied. Risks remain for the asset class but some notable headwinds have now become tailwinds.

  • High Yield Bonds & Loans: Where to Next? weblink

    White papers 23 April 2019

    High yield markets roared back in the first quarter. Can market fundamentals and technicals support continued strength? And how should investors factor in risks ranging from possible recession, to ratings downgrades, to liquidity concerns? Barings’ David Mihalick weighs in.

  • IG Credit: Can the Rally Last? weblink

    White papers 22 April 2019

    BBB-rated credits led the first quarter recovery despite early signs of deterioration among fundamentals. With spreads significantly tighter this year, short duration credits may pose an attractive investment option.

  • Structured Credit: Receding Headwinds Support CLO Performance weblink

    White papers 16 April 2019

    CLOs rebounded in the first quarter as credit concerns receded. Lower interest rates may drive continued interest in the asset class moving forward.

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