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  • Logistics: retailers’ new front office download

    White papers 10 September 2019

    The consumer has taken power in the retail industry which has put retailers on the backfoot and caused a structural rethink of the traditional business model. Omni-channel retail has emerged as the likely winning model. It requires a seamless supply chain that integrates warehouse and store stock through advanced inventory management software to deliver goods as and when consumers want, which is what they have come to expect.

  • The digital office: Space as a service download

    White papers 19 October 2017

    Technology is omnipresent. It affects every aspect of business, culture and personal life and changes the way people work, live and interact with each other. The list of new technologies, including everything from artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and the internet of things to virtual reality grows fast.

  • Data centres: essential infrastructure for digital lives download

    White papers 10 April 2017

    We are all generators of data. From the smart phones in our pockets to our watching of TV on connected devices, the amount of data we consume and generate is rising fast.

  • Infrastructure: a diverse asset class exposed to strong growth trends

    White papers 27 January 2017

    Almost everyone relies on infrastructure in one way or another. Whether it is taking the train to work, drinking clean water, turning on the lights or shopping online. Infrastructure touches our lives on a daily basis.

  • Applying a 360-degree approach to property allocations

    White papers 1 August 2016

    By: Justin Curlow, Investment Strategist, AXA IM – Real Assets...

  • Selective UK investment can continue, regardless of BREXIT download

    White papers 16 May 2016

    June 23 is a date looming large in the diaries of the UK’s voters. For only the second time since the 1970s, they will have the chance to vote on the UK’s position in the EU.

  • Value-add opportunities throughout the cycle download

    White papers 16 April 2016

    Over the last five years or so, many Commercial Real Estate (CRE) investors have favoured income producing, stable assets in main locations. Targeting investments in the most liquid real estate markets, often in larger cities, has been the preferred strategy.

  • The impact of flexible working on European office markets download

    White papers 16 April 2016

    The way we work is changing Hot-desking, co-working, remote login, touchdown space… Flexible workspace is home to a large range of work concepts and an even greater choice of workplace-related terminology.

  • Hotels, here to stay download

    White papers 16 March 2016

    2014 was the fifth consecutive year that global tourist arrival growth exceeded its long-term average.

  • Outlook 2016: Accepting risks in the right areas download

    White papers 16 February 2016

    It is natural to approach each New Year with optimism, but markets had faltered just one month into 2016.

  • Deleveraging REITs to replicate direct property performance with enhanced liquidity download

    White papers 4 November 2014

    Adding real estate to a mixed asset portfolio provides a higher level of return for the same amount of risk however, the inherent issues of gaining exposure to direct real estate, combined with the relatively illiquid nature of the asset class, poses a challenge for some investors.

  • Japanese equities and the yen: An almost 2-for-1 relationship download

    White papers 20 March 2014

    The Bank of Japan’s (BoJ) decision to embark on a program of large-scale quantitative easing has significantly weakened the Japanese currency and following the yen’s depreciation, Japanese companies have preferred to restore margins rather than increasing market share.

  • Market sentiment indicators: less is more download

    White papers 24 May 2012

    The predictive power of the most popular market sentiment indicators used by investors to anticipate whether markets will be risk on or risk off.

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