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Our People

  • CIO, Real Assets

    mark versey

    Mark Versey

    Mark is a member of the Aviva Investors’ Executive team and a Director of the Aviva Investors Global Services Limited Board. He is responsible for leading and developing the Real Assets business which includes Infrastructure, Real Estate and private debt markets.

  • Managing Director, Real Estate

    Daniel McHugh

    Daniel is responsible for all business strategy, product initiatives, and external engagement across the real estate business.

  • Head of Global Research, Real Estate

    chris urwin

    Chris Urwin

    Chris leads the research team, overseeing the production of property forecasts and preparation of key strategy and research reports. His team plays a key role in developing investment views of markets and sectors and identifying strategic opportunities for funds across the globe.

  • Managing Director, Alternative Income

    Barry Fowler

    Managing Director, Alternative Income...

  • Managing Director, Real Estate Stratergy and Fund Managment

    David Skinner

    Managing Director, Real Estate Stratergy and Fund Managment...

  • Managing Director, France Direct Real Estate

    Francois Grandvoinnet

    Managing Director, France Direct Real Estate...

  • Managing Director, Head of Business Development Real Estate

    Gaston Brandes

    Managing Director, Head of Business Development Real Estate...

Head Office
St Helen’s
1 Undershaft
United Kingdom
Joachim Sudre Tel. +44 20 7809 8109
Company website:
Parent Company:
Aviva plc
Year Founded:
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What’s new

  • Real Assets Study

    Real Assets Study

    White papersWed, 6 Nov 2019

    Our Real Assets Study provides insight into European institutional investors’ appetite for real estate, infrastructure, private corporate debt and structured finance. It highlights the need to address ESG issues, looks at whether supply can meet demand, as well as gauging the potential impact of global challenges such as trade wars.

  • Connections and communities

    Connections and communities

    White papersMon, 28 Oct 2019

    Today, a handful of urban centres are pulling away from their rivals – creating more innovation, more growth and more jobs. Those changes have deep implications; understanding them and what they mean for local communities takes joined-up thinking.

  • Quarterly Drivers update- Q3 2019

    Quarterly update on drivers in real assets - Q3 2019

    White papersThu, 17 Oct 2019

    In our regular update on drivers in real assets, we assess the impacts of a possible downturn in the euro zone. We touch on cash generation, the valuation outlook and the significance of security and ranking in the capital structure.

  • London: The ultimate city of the future

    London: The ultimate city of the future

    White papersWed, 2 Oct 2019

    The rise of the knowledge economy has energised cities which have reinvented themselves as global knowledge capitals, of which London is a prime example.

  • private wants and public needs

    Private wants, public needs

    White papersWed, 4 Sep 2019

    With society facing many urgent and complex challenges, deciding who is best-placed to deliver solutions has become an emotive and often political subject. We assess whether there is a better way to utilise the skills and resources of the public, private and third sectors for the greater good.

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