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  • Income Generator - Inflation nation

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    Income Generator: Inflation nation


    In this month’s edition of “Income Generator,” we provide our investment outlook for the second half of 2021 and consider the implication of higher rates of inflation across our different fixed-income investment strategies. Please note that views may differ across teams.

  • Water report - Rising risks in South Asia

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    Water report: Rising risks in South Asia


    In the World Economic Forum’s (WEF’s) “The Global Risks Report 2021,”1 water crisis risk was again featured in the top-five global risks by impact, making the list for the eighth year in a row (Figure 1).

  • Chart of the Moment – Market optics spotlight

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    Chart of the Moment: Global economy: Monetary Policy


    The crisis is coming to an end, so crisis policies are likely to go away soon. But how soon? For some central banks, they’ve already hiked rates (Russia and Brazil) or begun to taper their bond purchases (Bank of Canada). Others are pledging to be patient (the Bank of Japan, the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, and the European Central Bank).

  • Low-risk equities with less interest rate sensitivity?

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    Low-risk equities with less interest rate sensitivity?


    At times, stock prices can become positively correlated with bond prices, and this can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, this may show that stocks can be defensive. On the other hand, it may reveal interest rate risk—which can be a bad thing if rates move upward and interest rate risk contributes negatively toward the return of your stock and bond portfolios.

  • Investment Perspectives - Factoring it all In - Q1 2021

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    Investment Perspectives: Factoring it all In - Q1 2021


    After a brief respite in January, developed markets continued to gain ground in the first quarter as vaccine rollouts and the anticipation of more stimulus outweighed an uptick in interest rates.

  • 2020 WFAM Stewardship Report - Proxy voting and engagement activities

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    2020 WFAM Stewardship Report - Proxy voting and engagement activities


    In December 2019, we launched our Climate Action 100+ engagement with a cement company headquartered in an emerging market. In early 2020, the engagement team was expanded with support from a large U.K. pension scheme and from one of the largest pension funds in the home country of the company of focus.

  • Ripple effects - Investment risks and opportunities in water

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    Ripple effects: Investment risks and opportunities in water


    There’s no substitute for water. It’s fundamental to sustaining life and critical for healthy ecosystems and socioeconomic development. In addition to supporting life on an elemental level, humans rely on water for hygiene, agriculture, electricity generation, and transportation. However, there’s also a delicate balance with water: Too little or too much threatens lives and livelihoods.

  • Chart of the moment - Global economy - Fiscal policy

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    Chart of the moment: Global economy: Fiscal policy


    When the pandemic hit, the fiscal policy response was uniformly big and bold. The U.S. showed that despite high budget deficits, there was plenty of appetite for more government debt.

  • Investment Perspectives - Emerging markets - Wide open

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    Investment Perspectives: Emerging markets: Wide open


    Each January, the CES (formerly, the Consumer Electronics Show) showcases a wide range of the latest tech gadgetry from consumer electronics giants as well as many lesser-known upstarts from around the world. In keeping with the times, CES was a fully virtual event in 2021.

  • U.S. sanctions on Russia - Potential impact

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    U.S. sanctions on Russia: Potential impact


    The recent sanctions imposed by the Biden administration represent a significant escalation in pressure on the Russian government in the wake of a variety of actions that President Biden and his advisors felt had not been fully addressed.

  • Inflation - Roller-coaster or rocket ship?

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    Inflation: Roller-coaster or rocket ship?


    The word “inflation” seems to be in the air these days. Prices for lumber, food, used cars, gas—you name it—are all up significantly over the past year. Companies are complaining about sky-high shipping rates, semiconductor shortages, and the difficulty of filling open positions at any wage.

  • Market Optics - Visualizing Data to Power Decision-Makin

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    Market Optics: Visualizing Data to Power Decision-Making


    The Federal Reserve (Fed) has revised higher its growth forecast for 2021. So have many on Wall Street. Fiscal and monetary support will likely help speed along the economic recovery as people simply restart living their lives.