Vauban Infrastructure Partners Further Reinforces its ESG Set-Up to Enhance its Leadership in Sustainability Investments

Vauban Infrastructure Partners (“Vauban”) an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, enhances its leadership in sustainability investment with the establishment of a dedicated ESG Team, this comes in the wake of receiving some excellent results for its in-house ESG framework with GRESB and PRI (A+ rating) and settling several strategic partnerships.

Vauban ESG team is now headed by Gwen Colin, ESG Director, who joined Vauban on March 1st 2022. Gwen is supported by Rothman Valencia Mazola, ESG Officer, arrived at Vauban in September 2021. Gwen and Rothman oversee the operational implementation and improvement of processes and procedures constituting the ESG strategy, which is more than ever at the heart of the company and drive how Vauban’s teams operate, invest, manage assets and communicate with investors. As head of ESG, Gwen Colin joins the executive committee of Vauban.

You can now read the full press release at the link below