Impact investing in an era of change

Society has endured a tumultuous period over the last two years. A global pandemic, economic uncertainty, and military conflict in Europe. These events have caused deep loss and upheaval to the daily lives of individuals, families, and communities around the world. With uncertainty touching many aspects of personal and professional lives, this period has been challenging for many.

However, amid the uncertainty, we see cause for optimism. Change is often born of extremes—and we are living in a period of extremes in many respects. The challenges of our era have bred open and broad debate about the rights and freedoms of humankind, the growth in inequality, and the clear and obvious pressures on our environment. Signs of shifting behaviour are emerging, driven by some of the most challenging events of our time. Yet, change is only likely to be durable if backed by collective support from society, in part to influence global policymakers, but also to advance the principles and activities of those who govern businesses around the world.

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