Syntrus Achmea expands its services to investors with separate account mortgages

Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance is to expand its services with the Achmea Mortgages Investment Platform. Institutional investors can use this platform to invest in their own portfolio of Dutch residential mortgages with a risk profile that suits their risk- return profile. These mortgages will be brought onto the market under the Centraal Beheer brand.

Fifty institutional investors already invest in residential mortgages at Syntrus Achmea through the Residential Mortgages Fund. The new separate account is an addition to this existing offering. ‘In addition to our fund solution, we’re seeing an increase in demand from our investors for their own mortgage portfolio that is tailored to their investment objectives,’ says Bruno Oudega, CIO Mortgages at Syntrus Achmea. ‘The separate account makes this type of customisation possible.’

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