Fleeting Alpha Scorecard: The Challenge of Consistent Outperformance Year-End 2019

The Fleeting Alpha Scorecard is a semiannual report showing how well outperforming mutual funds from one three-year period continue to outperform thereafter. It combines two other S&P Dow Jones Indices reports, the SPIVA® U.S. Scorecard and the the Persistence Scorecard. The former measures the percentage of active managers that beat their benchmarks across various equity and fixed income categories. The latter shows the likelihood that strong performers in early periods maintain their status relative to other funds in subsequent periods.

For the Fleeting Alpha Scorecard, we first identify funds that beat their benchmarks, based on three-year annualized returns, net-of-fees. We then examine whether these funds continue to outperform during each of the next three one-year periods.

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