People (15)

  • Klaus Schuster

    Klaus Schuster

    Head of Business Development - Europe

    Mr. Schuster is Head of Business Development in Europe and responsible for intermediary and institutional business development efforts across the continent.

  • Michael J. Kelly, CFA

    Michael J. Kelly, CFA

    Global Head of Multi-Asset

    Mr. Kelly is the Global Head of Multi-Asset and Manager Selection at PineBridge Investments.

  • Steven Oh, CFA

    Steven Oh, CFA

    Global Head of Credit and Fixed Income

    Mr. Oh is Global Head of Credit and Fixed Income and Co-Head of Leveraged Finance for PineBridge Investments.

  • Anik Sen

    Anik Sen

    Global Head of Equities

    Mr. Sen is Global Head of Equities and is responsible for PineBridge Investments’ global equity business including all fundamental and quantitative strategies.

  • Steven Costabile, CFA

    Steven Costabile, CFA

    Global Head of Private Funds Group

    Mr. Costabile is the Global Head of PineBridge’s Private Funds Group (PFG) and responsible for overseeing private funds of funds investments in the developed and emerging markets.

  • Gregory A. Ehret

    Gregory A. Ehret

    Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

    Mr. Ehret is Chief Executive Officer of the firm and an Executive Director of PineBridge Investments’ Board.

  • Kamala Anantharum

    Kamala Anantharum

    Global Head of Internal Audit and Risk

    Ms. Anantharam is Global Head of Internal Audit and Risk. She joined the firm in 1989 and has responsibility of directing and delivering the Internal Audit and Risk functions and establishing global coverage for Internal Audit and Risk at PineBridge.

  • John Blevins

    John Blevins

    Global Chief Compliance Officer

    Mr. Blevins is Global Chief Compliance Officer and responsible for leading the Compliance function and directing all training, advisory and assurance support throughout the firm worldwide.

  • Cissie Citardi

    Cissie Citardi

    General Counsel

    Ms. Citardi is General Counsel and responsible for the firm’s legal matters worldwide, across all asset classes.

  • Jennifer Motz

    Jennifer Motz

    Global Head of Human Resources

    Mrs. Motz is the Global Head of Human Resources and her responsibilities include talent management, organizational development, leadership, coaching, staffing, compensation and employee relations.

  • David Kolker

    David Kolker

    Chief Financial Officer

    Mr. Kolker joined the firm in 2006 and serves as the Chief Financial Officer.

  • Rajeev Mittal

    Rajeev Mittal

    Regional CEO - Asia Pacific

    Mr. Mittal is Chief Executive Officer for Asia Pacific and is responsible for implementing PineBridge’s dynamic growth strategy across the region where PineBridge has a long history of servicing both institutional and retail clients.