A tilt toward cities as investors seek to capitalise on Asia Pacific’s momentum

Asia Pacific, led by China and India, is projected to account for nearly half of the world’s economic output by 2030. That’s an impressive figure. But, the bigger news for real estate investors is this: by that same year, more than 50% of the world’s urban population growth - and almost all of the world’s top 50 cities - will have emerged in the Asia Pacific region.

This means that opportunities for investment will abound in the region. But, Asia Pacific is not monolithic: there is a vast diversity in geography, culture and economics, which investors must navigate expertly to achieve broad diversification and attractive risk-adjusted returns.

We all know that global megatrends — urbanisation, rising middle classes, ageing populations, technology and the shift of economic power from the West to the East — will have a major impact on the built environment and the demand for real estate. No doubt, short-term performance of real estate will continue to be driven by economic cycles, but investors looking for long-term value growth will be keeping their focus on structural drivers of demand to discern the nuances that will drive success.

Every city has its own DNA, which provides investors with investment choices and justification through economic-driven diversification.

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