Nuveen launches Article 9 Global Real Estate Carbon Reduction strategy

Nuveen, the $1.1tn global asset manager, has launched an Article 9 Global Real Estate Carbon Reduction strategy, focused on lessening global carbon emissions through investment in listed real estate.

The Nuveen Global Real Estate Carbon Reduction strategy aims to provide long-term capital appreciation and current income by investing in real estate companies that have either achieved carbon neutrality, or have a target to or track record of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in a manner that is aligned with the Paris Agreement.

The durability of real estate combined with increasing interest in carbon reduction solutions can potentially provide a long runway for future growth within carbon-aware real estate securities. Global efforts to combat climate change are fuelling worldwide demand for decarbonization-focused investments, while cyclical tailwinds in real estate such as favourable valuations, healthy fundamentals and solid earnings & dividend growth may help create compelling investment opportunities.

Jay Rosenberg, Head of Public Real Assets, and Ben Kerl, Portfolio Manager and Head of Listed Real Estate Investments, will co-manage the strategy, supported by Scott Sedlak and Jagdeep Ghuman, respectively the regional real estate leads in the US and Asia. The team has over 18 years’ experience across a wide variety of market environments.

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