ESG’s emergence as a principal theme in Asia

Well-established in the West, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in investing and management are now emerging as a principal theme in Asia. This holds the potential for significant positive impact and outcomes for the region and those invested in it, and Nikko Asset Management (Nikko AM) is playing a leading role.

Rapid growth and wealth expansion – performance opportunity
Earth’s largest single geographic region, Asia represents approximately 60% of the planet’s population and is one of its fastest growing economic areas. The region had more billionaires in 2017 than anywhere else and it will represent 57% of middle-class consumption by 2030.

Asia holds opportunity as both a destination for strong investment returns and a local source to grow assets managed. Assets for managers in Asia grew 17% in 2017, higher than the rates seen for that by firms in Europe (including the UK) and in North America. Further, Asia (ex-Japan) equities experienced their best performance ever in 2017.

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