Ostrum AM Announces Key Principles of an Oil and Gas Sector Policy to Support the Transition


News: Driven by its fiduciary responsibility as a leading investor, Ostrum Asset Management is taking further action to tackle the pressing climate emergency and announces the full withdrawal from unconventional and/or controversial oil and gas exploration and production businesses by 2030 i.e. businesses that rely on fracking operations – shale oil, shale gas, tight liquids and tight gas – and operations based on ultra deepwater drilling, drilling in the Arctic1, as well as extraction of tar sands, coalbed methane, and extra-heavy oil.

Ostrum AM will no longer conduct any fresh investments in companies that derive more than 10% of their hydrocarbons production from these activities as of 2022. This policy also covers companies that work right along the production value chain and are involved in exploration, development, and operation. Ostrum AM may review this threshold and reduce it further in the future.

You can now read the full news release at the link below