Investor Leadership Network Launches Its New “Net Zero Investor Playbook” To Guide Investors Through Portfolio Transitions

Investor Leadership Network’s new Net Zero Investor Playbook offers an inventory of approaches institutional investors are taking to transition investing and highlights key challenges

The Investor Leadership Network (ILN) has launched a new resource to provide practical assistance to investors and their stakeholders to operationalize their net zero commitments. Created with the support of KPMG LLP, the Net Zero Investor Playbook inventories institutional investors’ current approaches to and highlights the complexity of climate transition investing.

Global organizations have developed a wide range of net zero frameworks, methodologies and tools to help investors design and implement their net zero transition programs. The continuously expanding collection of resources and concurrent advances in underlying climate models, however, have caused some confusion on how best to position portfolios and engage with portfolio companies to deliver on real world carbon emissions reduction.

Institutional investors have a significant role to play in financing long-term, real economy emissions reductions, while also reducing their portfolios’ reported emissions in the near term. This can be a tough balancing act,” ILN CEO Amy Hepburn says, “so we’re thrilled to provide investors with guidance on how they might begin to navigate the complexity of transition investing.”

You can now read the full press release at the link below