Increasing ESG and Climate transparency for investors globally

With the critical COP26 conference just around the corner, investors are seeking new levels of transparency into the alignment of listed companies with global climate goals. MSCI has made the Implied Temperature Rise of over 2,900 companies publicly available on its website, to allow investors access to the data and transparency required to navigate their transition to net-zero.

Implied Temperature Rise provides clarity and transparency on the climate commitments of listed companies by assessing the strength of their commitments to net-zero emissions by using a simplified and powerful forward-looking metric: companies’ alignment with global temperature targets, which is expressed in degrees Celsius.

MSCI first announced the launch of this solution in September. The Temperature Rise solution was modelled to meet the design recommendations set out by the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Portfolio Alignment Team for all segments of the financial sector to measure and disclose temperature alignment of portfolios as well as target-setting frameworks.