Capital for Climate Action Conference

The world’s largest investors have pledged to cut portfolio emissions by half this decade and to net-zero in the two that follow. More and more companies are setting climate targets. Now comes the time for converting those commitments to action amid the added urgency to bolster energy security sparked by the conflict in Ukraine.

MSCI’s Capital for Climate Action Conference will bring together investment industry and corporate leaders who are shaping the transition to sustainable growth. 

Topics to be explored include aligning with net-zero consistently across asset classes and portfolios, rewiring the energy sector, carbon as a portfolio asset, and the critical need for collaboration and leadership to confront the climate crisis and advance the interests of stakeholders and society.

Attendees will leave the gathering with information and insights for implementing net-zero commitments and addressing both the risks and opportunities that come with the urgent need to decarbonize the global economy. Speakers to be announced.

You can register now at the link below