MIROVA Recognised as a ‘Best For The World™ 2021 B Corp’ in ‘Customers Area’

Mirova, the affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers dedicated to sustainable investing and a Certified B Corp, has been named amongst the ‘Best for the World™ B Corps of 2021’.1 The Best for the World are B Corps whose scores in one or more of the five impact areas assessed towards the certification reach the top 5% of all B Corps worldwide. Mirova has been recognised in the ‘customers area’, for the development of high impact investment solutions for investors.

Mirova is a 100% sustainable investment asset management company, created in 2014 with the ambition to develop innovative investment products that allow investors to participate in the transition of the economy to a sustainable model. Across asset classes, Mirova has worked to create investment solutions aiming at reconciling environmental and social positive impact with long-term financial performance. Mirova believes such products can benefit the world as well as answer investors’ appetite for impact and meet their financial requirements.

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