People (7)

  • Richard Croft

    Richard Croft

    Executive Chairman

    Richard is Executive Chairman responsible for the strategic direction of M7, capital raising and leads the real estate fund management function.

  • David Ebbrell

    David Ebbrell

    Chief Executive Officer

    David is Chief Executive Officer for M7 and oversees transactions.

  • Teresa Dyer

    Teresa Dyer

    Chief Operating Officer

    Teresa is the Chief Operating Officer for M7, overseeing the London HQ and multiple European offices across the platform.

  • Hugh Fraser

    Hugh Fraser

    Head of Capital Markets

    Hugh is responsible for all debt capital market activities for the firm’s European investments, including asset-level and fund/corporate-level activity, interest rate derivatives and the acquisition of non-performing loans and distressed real estate corporates.

  • John Murnaghan

    John Murnaghan

    Managing Director - Ireland

    John is Managing Director for Ireland and is responsible for acquisitions, asset management and business development.

  • Jack Thoms

    Jack Thoms

    Head of Investment Management

    Jack is head of Investment Management for M7 and is responsible for overseeing the asset management teams in the UK and in the European offices, the performance of the portfolios under management, client reporting and liaison.

  • Simon Cowley

    Simon Cowley

    Divisional Director – Investment Management

    Simon is Divisional Director for the Investment Management team at M7. He is responsible for portfolio management, client reporting and oversight of asset management strategies.