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    What to Expect in the 2018 Equities Market


    The magnitude of the changes that will be brought about when MiFid II is implemented in January 2018 can be challenging for those that are unprepared. But for buy-side as well as sell-side firms that have made the necessary investments in their systems and their personnel, the opportunities arising from the new legislation could be extensive.

  • investment strategies in a low conviction environment from risk management to new opportunities

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    Investment strategies in a low conviction environment: From risk management to new opportunities


    Recent political events on either side of the Atlantic have intensified uncertainty among investors about the outlook for all mainstream asset classes. Dovetailing with the unwinding of accommodative global monetary policy, this has created an environment of low investor conviction.

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    FX pooling for LGPS: The netting opportunity


    In the 2015 budget announcement, the UK government re- affirmed its commitment to working with local government pension scheme (LGPS) administering authorities “to ensure that they pool investments to significantly reduce costs, while maintaining overall investment performance.” This pooling pro- cess is seeing 89 separate funds in the UK consolidated into six so-called ‘wealth funds’, each with assets of at least £25 billion.

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    Thinking Differently: An Alternative Way of Managing FX Execution for Asset Owners


    How much are institutional investors paying for their FX execution? It may sound like a fundamental question, but surprisingly few pension funds have a clear picture of the total costs they incur on a daily basis for managing their currency exposure.

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    Pension Funds’ Currency Risk Management: Essential Today – Even More So Tomorrow


    It has probably never been more important than it is today for pension funds to establish a clearly-defined foreign exchange (FX) risk management strategy to meet the challenges that they will face in tomorrow’s market.