Innovations in sustainable real estate

The building sector has been identified as one of the key areas in which improvements in energy efficiency can be realised. In fact, the real estate sector accounts for more than 40% of the energy demand in Europe, which has a significant impact on global warming and greenhouse gas emissions (CO2). The European Union (EU) has set new targets for 2030. EU countries aim to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 40% compared to the 1990 levels. Energy savings should reach at least 27%, and the share of renewable energy consumption should be at least 27% compared with the business-as-usual scenario.

These regulatory targets aim to help the EU achieve a more competitive, secure, and sustainable energy system and to meet its long-term 2050 decarbonisation targets. The regulatory environment is growing stricter and sending strong signals to the real estate market, encouraging private investment in new building technologies and building infrastructure. The market for green buildings continues to expand and represents a substantial investment potential.

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