The smallest of the small “go big” in January; Microcap Index leads US caps

Small is the new big so far in 2021, with the Russell Microcap® Index, comprised of the smallest 1,000 stocks in the US small-cap Russell 2000® Index, up more than 14%, trailed by steadily lower January returns for the Russell 2000® Index (+5.0%), Russell Midcap® Index (-0.3%) and the US large-cap Russell 1000® Index (-0.8%). 

“The Russell US Indexes are designed to provide comprehensive exposure to the US equity market and, due to their modular construction, are an excellent way for investors to gain accurate exposure to shifting market cap dynamics. From mega to micro-cap, it is important for investors to diversify across their market cap exposure and the Russell US Indexes provide an efficient vehicle to achieve that objective.”

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