The future of index data: Having it your way

I believe the famous Burger King ad slogan, “Have it Your Way,” is very well understood across all consumer cultures because it so precisely expresses the experience all customers—regardless of the industry—desire. This standard for client experience has even crept into areas in market data once considered so complex that providers were limited in their ability to customise products and services to clients’ needs. First, consider how market data can be packaged.

FTSE Russell, along with our partners, has always strived to let our customers have data their way with a variety of index approaches, but our ability to customise market indexes is now greater than ever. Second, consider how market data is delivered to investors by our partners. Direct indexing now allows our wealth management and financial advisor clients to use our market indexes as a means to invest directly in a customised basket of securities to potentially deliver unique tax benefits to their individual investor clients.

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