Smart Sustainability: 2019 global survey findings from asset owners

For the last six years we’ve conducted and published the FTSE Russell Smart Beta survey of asset owners. With each passing year we learn more details about asset owners’ awareness, attitudes and behavior related to smart beta, and we continue to adapt the questionnaire to accommodate emerging trends and areas of investment interest to our clients and the global asset owner community.

We first included ESG in the survey back in 2017, asking if asset owners were thinking of applying ESG considerations to smart beta to develop a better understanding of the emerging demand for ESG that appeared to be bubbling up into smart beta. We and our readers were surprised to find out the degree to which ESG was being considered an option to accompany smart beta indexation—in 2017 over 40% of asset owners using or evaluating smart beta said they were looking to apply ESG considerations to a smart beta strategy.

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