Microsoft tops Apple as Russell Rebalance nears

In its recent announcement on projected changes for the Russell US Indexes at this year’s Russell Reconstitution, FTSE Russell highlighted that Microsoft (MSFT) gained nearly 30% market cap since last year’s Russell rebalance through May 10 rank day to become the largest US stock in the Russell US Indexes this year with a total market cap of $974.2 billion.

Apple, Inc., (AAPL), which has been in the top position since 2012, lost 2.1% of its value in the last year to become the third largest stock in terms of total market cap. Rounding out the top five US stocks at this year’s Russell Reconstitution are #2 Amazon (AMZN) at $930.5 billion, #4 Alphabet (GOOGL) at $808.3 billion and #5 Facebook (FB) at $537.6 billion.

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