Insights | Incorporating diversity into passive investments

FTSE Russell designed the FTSE Women on Boards Leadership Index Series to help investors and other market participants integrate leadership in gender diversity into a broad market benchmark. These indexes increase exposure to companies based on the strength of their gender diversity leadership at the board level and how well they manage wider impacts on society. This is achieved by the use of a tilt (or stock weight adjustment), to integrate gender diversity and social impacts.

Around the globe, new initiatives—both public and private—promoting greater representation of women on corporate boards of directors have shone a spotlight on the issue of gender diversity in corporate leadership. British governmental leaders and groups have set specific goals to increase female representation on corporate boards. Lord Mervyn Davies set the latest target in 2015: companies in the FTSE 350 Index to achieve 33% female representation on the boards of constituent companies by 2020. In the US, perhaps the most notable initiative is the 2020 Women on Boards group, whose goal of women comprising 20% of corporate board membership by the year 2020 was reportedly achieved in late 2017.

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