Demystifying cryptocurrencies: A Q&A with Digital Asset Research

Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, many investors have been intrigued with the world of cryptocurrency, yet a range of reasonable concerns have kept most away. A decade later, cryptocurrency has begun to move into the mainstream, with by many reports over 5,000 cryptocurrencies or tokens created. However, despite growing investor interest, many still struggle when evaluating digital assets, put off by the complexity of the space or previous negative sentiment associated with it.

To shed more light on the world of cryptocurrencies, FTSE Russell’s Kristen Mierzwa, managing director of ETP strategy and business development, recently sat down with Doug Schwenk, chairman of Digital Asset Research (DAR). DAR provides comprehensive data and research in the digital asset space for institutional market participants and has collaborated with FTSE Russell since the 2019 launch of its FTSE Digital Asset Indicative Index Series and FTSE DAR Reference Prices. A glossary of terms follows the Q&A between Kristen and Doug:

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