Hartmut Leser becomes Partner and CIO of the FREO Group and Spokesman of the Management Board of FREO Germany

London / Frankfurt, 13th of September 2022 - Prof. Dr Hartmut Leser has been appointed Partner and CIO of FREO Group on 1 September 2022. He will also take on the role of Spokesman of the Management Board of FREO Germany GmbH, based in Frankfurt.

Leser was previously CEO of Aberdeen Investments Deutschland AG. Over the past 15 years, he grew the company into the top league of foreign asset managers in German-speaking countries. Before that, he was managing partner of FERI, with responsibility for investment consulting.

FREO Group is a real estate and private markets investment manager with a predominantly international institutional client base. The company was founded over 20 years ago by ex-FERI partner Matthias Luecker as a real estate investment manager. Since its establishment, FREO has distinguished itself through its long-standing and highly successful cooperation with established international investment houses, sovereign wealth funds and large insurance companies.

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