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    Second Quarter 2022 Review & Outlook


    Equities’ rocky, fear-filled first half intensified in Q2, with global developed markets approaching a -20% decline in May and piercing that threshold in mid-June. Emerging market equities have fared slightly better this year, but are in the midst of a protracted downturn as well.

  • ESG Insights - H1 2022

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    ESG Insights - H1 2022


    Demand for ESG strategies remains strong since the beginning of the global pandemic and US Sustainable funds have had substantial increases in net inflows in the last 5 years.

  • Investment Implications of Proposed US Climate Disclosures

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    Investment Implications of Proposed US Climate Disclosures


    Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors continue to draw attention in finance and investing, in particular issues relating to climate disclosures. A recent poll found that 87% of Americans are in support of companies reporting on their climaterelated risks. So it is unsurprising that the SEC have responded to the public on this matter by proposing its first mandatory climate-related disclosure rules for US-listed companies.

  • Macro Insights - Q2 2022

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    Macro Insights - Q2 2022


    Early 2022 equity market volatility looks more like a normal correction than the start of a bear market Investor sentiment has deteriorated rapidly on fears of war, inflation, monetary policy and recession The global economy will slow this year, but a global recession is unlikely

  • First Quarter 2022 Review & Outlook - Market Perspectives

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    First Quarter 2022 Review & Outlook - Market Perspectives


    We continue to favor larger, high-quality companies given our assessment that we remain in a late bull market cycle in global equities. We remain constructive on global equities and believe the relative strength in cyclical and defensive categories will likely reverse as we move past the market correction. Economic ...

  • FIIG - Third Quarter 2021 Market Perspectives - Review & Outlook

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    Third Quarter 2021 Review & Outlook - Market Perspectives


    Global markets started Q3 strong, rising in July and August. But volatility returned in September, driving equities slightly lower during the quarter. Growth beat value again—albeit narrowly—and Tech led most other sectors while value had a short burst of outperformance toward September’s end. Yet some back-and-forth is normal. Broad markets don’t move in a straight line, and neither do subcategories like country, sector or style.

  • FIIG - Macro insights Q4 2021

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    Macro Insights - Q4 2021


    Markets rarely do what most expect. Understanding consensus views can be an effective aid in determining potential positive and negative surprises. Starting 2021, professional investors were cautiously optimistic. As equities have moved up, many have ratcheted their forecasts higher but only to current market levels.

  • FIIG - ESG insights

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    ESG Insights 2021


    Compared to many previous periods, US sustainable funds are enjoying solid net inflows. Inflows to US Sustainable funds has more than doubled compared to this time last year.

  • FIIG - Valuations are not predictive - why we don’t think high valuations signal a dim future

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    Valuations are not predictive - why we don’t think high valuations signal a dim future


    Valuations are historically high, a fact more and more headlines seem to be touting as a negative that markets are allegedly overlooking. A common narrative suggests valuation metrics like price-to-earnings (P/E) ratios show markets are at their most expensive since the dot-com bubble, supposedly foretelling poor returns.

  • Chinese Regulations Mirrors Developed Markets Regulations

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    Chinese Regulations Mirrors Developed Markets Regulations


    By comparing the differences in political systems, we are able to analyze the regulatory environment and its impact on the market. Regulatory risk is more material in China as policy responses can be swift and severe, where as the slow grinding gears of democracy in the US & EU limit surprise power.

  • FIIG - macro trends EM

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    How have macro trends shaped emerging markets?


    Emerging Markets (EM) equities are not a static asset class. While shifting macro trends have transformed EM, it remains a diverse universe with attractive opportunities for investors who use the right approach.

  • FIIG - US large cap

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    Your US large cap portfolio likely isn’t big enough


    Investors may largely overlook the wide market cap range of US equities. Thus, they may be missing alpha opportunity when they fail to grow large enough as size leadership trade often.